Friday, September 28, 2007

A series of short poems by Mark C.

Written and Submitted by Mark C., Night Staff

The Battle

Some people cry
Others hold it in
But in the end
The Win

To cope with life
One needs the tools
To survive addiction
You are no fool

To start is tough
The walls need to come down
The fight is on to win

By using the tools
Your strength grows strong
To land that winning blow

One who tries
Is the one who wins
The spoils…Recovery
So try.


Someone once told me
That life is only what you make it
But I have another philosophy
And that is…

To live life as you want
And not to let anything stop you
If you try, you will do it
If you don’t, then don’t

But always remember that someone cares.

Self Confidence

This is something that everyone has
And others try and build
For some, it’s a piece of cake
Others need help

This something I’ve had trouble with
Because I would always put myself down
And believed I couldn’t
But it’s changing due to many people

Friends are there for support
Family is my backbone
But most of all it’s my heart
That continually shows me that I do.

The Drop-In

The Drop-In is a place
Where all are welcome
To have a meal
And a place to sleep

The Centre is a place
Where someone can find a friend
Someone that will listen
And give support

It’s a place
Where you aren’t judged
Where you’re an equal
Where you’re given a chance

The Drop-In is home
To the Homeless.

Finding Me

For many years
I’ve fallen down
A range of emotions
Were forced underground

My game was easy
So I thought
But in the end
All was lost

To cope with lfie
A challenge to save
I’m going to be O.K.
Just one day

Being away is my strength
Being honest my savior
Being me… Powerful.

Written by Mark C., Night Staff

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