Monday, April 06, 2009

We won't forget you. Written by Diana E.

It’s Monday morning and I’m feeling tired and ‘blah’. Usually on Mondays I find it more difficult to make eye contact and wish people a GOOD morning. Surprisingly today, everyone is cheerful and funny and I laugh often over the breakfast hour.

I have a new senior who has been coming to the Senior Centre for a few weeks now. He tells me a story about how he hasn’t seen his brother in 30+ years -- since they both left the other side of the country.

"I heard my brother might stay at the D.I…," he says hopefully.

I ask him if he has a brother named __________.

He says yes and I ask him if he would like to talk to him…he's sitting just 3 tables away I tell him.
They have both been coming up here for weeks without a clue!

He is stunned and searches vainly for a glimpse of his long lost older bro and I point him out.

He walks slowly over to him and they shake hands and sit and talk and catch up on so many years. I watch one brother quickly wipe a tear away.

What a beautiful moment I am allowed to witness! I’m floating on air and I can’t wipe the smile from my face.

Then I receive a general e-mail about two more of our clients passing away. One of whom I have known for years struck down suddenly by cancer. I am so terribly sad as I tape up the memorial announcements for everyone to see. That makes five that we know of who have died in March.

Sometimes it feels like too much and I can’t deal with the sadness but there are still those who count on us to turn up for them, no matter what. I gather 'my guys', try to keep them safe and hope they are all still here when I come in to work.

I am sad but I am grateful that I have not become so jaded that I don’t feel at all. Up down happy sad. What an emotional rollercoaster this day has been.

I hope ‘my guys’ know how much I care about them.

Rest in peace Bill, Peter, James, Harold, Ed and Travis. We won't forget you.

Written by Dianna E. Coordinator, Senior's Activity Centre

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